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From NOVATTC Junior program to future College Table Tennis‏

From NOVATTC Junior program to future College Table Tennis‏

Postby cduan » Fri Oct 16, 2009 4:27 pm

Dear Ping-Pong parents:

You have invested your kids in table tennis in NOVATTC. I think that is a very wise decision. Most likely your kids will not be professional ping-pong players when they grow up. How about if they become very competitive to be ranked in US national age tournaments, regional age tournaments and add that experience to their resumes to be enrolled to top universities to play in collegiate teams. That is not dream at all. There are plenty of kids like that from Maryland table tennis club. Table tennis is getting popular in US colleges very fast. NCTTA ( National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, the member of US Association of Table Tennis is the governing body to manage college table tennis. Currently There are 16 regional divisions in USA that have 136 schools. Almost all Ivy League colleges and big VA colleges are members of NCTTA. Each region (VA region has 16 teams) play tournaments between its teams at Fall & Spring. The first two winners of each division will go to National Championships in April - May each year. Each school has co-ed team (the best of men and women of that school) and women team. There are two US colleges offer scholarship for table tennis now. When your kids go to college, there will surely be more. Go to for more information.

To fulfill the goal to train numerous youth players to play in college, even country levels in future. We believe the NOVATTC junior program is very important to speed up your kids to formal table tennis training. Go to viewtopic.php?f=6&t=37 for details. For some of you who can't make Saturday, please let me know you can make it on Sunday at the same time or not. As soon as we have a couple of kids for Sunday, we will start "Coach Yang Sunday Junior Training at 4:30pm - 6:30pm".

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