Member Benefits:

a. Play at any time during the center operating hours

b. A gift of short-sleeve athletic sweater

c.10% discount on table tennis equipment purchases

d. Free use of training-quality table tennis balls

​Northern Virginia Table Tennis Center 

Private Lessons with a Coach:

  • $50 per hour for members and $55 per hour for nonmembers
  • $30 half an hour for members and $35 half an hour for nonmembers
  • $40 per hour for senior members(62+) and $45 per hour for senior non members(62+)
  • $30 half an hour for senior nonmembers(62+) and $35 half an hour for senior nonmembers(62+)

Starting 6/1/21, these are the new guidelines 

To schedule a private lesson, please email or including specific dates and times.

We ONLY accept cash or check.

NOVATTC encourages table tennis members to enjoy the full benefits of the facility and personal coaching opportunities.​ We only accept cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo

$530 Family(up to 3) add $150 for each additional family member/ $400 Adult / $320 for age U-18​ and senior(62+)

 a, b, c   and d

$100 Family/ $50 Adult / $40 for age U-18

 a and d
Daily pass

$10 (18+) /  $8 (under 18)

 a and d