Sunday Elite League

We have a Sunday evening league for elite players. All players over 1800 are welcome to join. League will starts from 5:00pm on Sunday. The entries fee for this league is $2. Top 3 finishers will be given cash prize. Non-NOVATTC members will pay the entry fee plus 10 dollars club fee. Table 4,5,6 are reseved for this league. Please note, please come at 4:45 to register. Once it starts, we will not enroll anyone into the league. 

Sunday Afternoon League

NOVATTC holds a Sunday afternoon every Sunday from 2:00pm-5:00pm. Please come to the center by 1:30 pm to register. Members who are under rating 1800 are welcome to play. Table 4,5,6 are reseved for 2pm-5pm league only. 

Saturday Junior League

NOVATTC holds a Junior league bi-weekly on Saturday starts from 7:30pm. Please feel free to bring you Kids to NOVATTC. All levels are welcome. 
Northern Virginia Table Tennis Center