Northern Virginia Table Tennis Center 

Sunday Elite League

We have a Sunday evening league for elite players. All players over 1900 are welcome to join. League will starts from 5:00pm on Sunday. The entries fee for this league is $2. Top 3 finishers will be given cash prize. Non-NOVATTC members will pay the entry fee plus 8 dollars club fee.

Friday Night League

Our long anticipated Friday evening league will be held every Friday at 7:30pm - 10:15pm at NOVATTC. The league is for players of all ratings from players of above 2000 to young beginner kids of 100. All the participants will be given a club rating based on their USATT rating or estimated rating if no USATT rating. The players will be divided into groups with 4-5 players each. Group 1 has lowest rating players and Highest Group has highest rating players. The play format is round robin and best 2 of 3 games or best 3 of 5 games depending the number of participants. The participants need to come to club by 7:25pm to sign on and give their rating for the first time. Each group will have 1 1/2 (to be shared with another group) - 2 tables to play. The new rating after the league will be posted in the club on Sunday. The cost of playing the league is free for members and $6 for 18 years old & above/$4 for under 18 years old non members. For further information, please contact Charlie Duan at (703)798-2497(c),

Sunday Afternoon League

NOVATTC holds a Sunday afternoon every Sunday from 1:30pm-4:00pm. Please come to the center by 1:25pm to register. Of course, you are welcome to play in the Friday evening league as well if you have the time and energy. In the meanwhile, you might consider to switch to the Sunday league if there are too many players for the Friday. 

Saturday Junior League

NOVATTC holds a Junior league bi-weekly on Saturday starts from 7:30pm. Please feel free to bring you Kids to NOVATTC. All levels are welcome.