Youth Group Round Robin League

 1.Where: Northern Virginia Table Tennis Center
 2.When: 06/08/2019,
Saturday 6:30 p.m.
 3.Any player: 
  -Ages: 6-18
  -With or without USATT rating 
player does have a USATT rating, must be under 1800

     -Come to the facility 05/04/19 before 6:25 p.m.
     -Student or member of NOVATTC registration fee is $5
    - Non-members  registration fee is $10


Sunday Afternoon League

NOVATTC holds a Sunday afternoon league from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Please come to the center by 1:55 pm to register. Members who are under rating 1800 or beginners are welcome to play. There may or may not be league depending on the number of players. Five people will be needed to start the league. No entry fee for the league required.

Friday Night league

 NOVATTC has Friday night leagues for all levels.  Rules:

1. League will start at exactly 6:00 pm, most tables (except coaching tables) will be reserved

for league only. 

2. The number of groups will be determined by the number of players.

3. At least five players to start the league.

4. All ratings will be recorded and organized by NOVATTC staff.

5. League entry fee: $1 contributing to prize money

6. Please come to the center by 5:50pm to register. No exceptions made. Call in before hand if you will be late.

Sunday Elite League

We have a Sunday evening league for elite players. All players over 1800 are welcome to join. League will start at exactly 5:00pm on Sunday. The entry fee for this league is $2. Top 3 finishers will be given cash prize. Non-NOVATTC members will pay the $2 league entry fee plus 10 dollars walk in fee.Note: please come at 4:45 to register. Once it starts, we will not enroll anyone into the league. 
Northern Virginia Table Tennis Center